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The Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) is a competency-based approach to certification. The process allows you to use your accumulated knowledge to demonstrate your ability in performing certain skills for a specific occupational area.

To achieve this qualification, your work performance has to be successfully assessed against the specific Occupational Standard by Assessors, who are trained and certified by the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council.

The Barbados Vocational Training Board (BVTB) has been approved to offer CVQ qualification in the following areas.


Skills Training                                                            Evening Classes

Furniture making 2                                                      Nail Technology 2                     (full CVQ)

Food Preparation & Cookery 2                                      Electrical Installation 2            (full CVQ)

General Office Administration 1                                   Food Preparation & Cookery 2  (full CVQ)

Food & Drink Service 2                                                 Food and Drink Service 2         (SoC)*

Bar Service   1                                                             Bar Service                             (SoC)*

Carpentry 2                                                                 Cosmetology                           (SoC)*

Cosmetology 2                                                             Furniture Making                     (SoC)* 

Electrical Installation                                                   Auto-mechanics                      (SoC)*

Motor Vehicle Chassis System 2                                     Auto Electronics                      (SoC)*

Housekeeping   2                                                         Housekeeping 2                       (full CVQ)

ICT 1 & 2


* Statement of Competence

Unit certification can be awarded for successfully completed units if all the requirements for the full CVQ are not met.

For additional information please call 621-2882 EXT 2166 or 2173