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What Can I do with My Skill?

The majority of the training provided by the Barbados Vocational Training Board (BVTB) offers introductory skills for entry-level positions in industry. The skills learnt at the BVTB will allow you the opportunity to enter your chosen industry with practical, hands-on experience, which is an asset to any employer.

Skills in construction fields such as masonry, carpentry (roof building and wooden house construction), plumbing, tiling, electrical installation (domestic), steel bending, and cupboard construction, allow you to find work with construction companies and subcontractors. Possessing multiple skills within these areas affords you the opportunity to increase your employability options. In the construction sector alone, the BVTB offers a range of courses, some of which are mentioned here:

  • Masonry
  • Steel Bending
  • Tiling
  • Masonry
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical Installation 
  • Cupboard Construction

And those are just the construction programmes, to say nothing of the career choices you have after completing one of our many other courses in horticulture, cooking, computer applications, auto-mechanics, make-up artistry, interior decorating, and many more!

Have a look at the career videos on this resource link to gain a better idea of what interests you:

Choose the Way you Learn

At the BVTB, we offer flexibility of choice in the way you learn a skill.

The Skills Training Programme offers a full time option which introduces you to the basic skills in your chosen field. This programme includes related subjects such as Customer Service Delivery, and Entrepreneurship which prepares you for establishing and running your own business. There is also the opportunity to complete a job attachment.

The Apprenticeship programme offers you a more in-depth way to increase your knowledge and skills over a longer period of time, while giving you the opportunity to earn as you learn. Many of the programmes offered in the Skills Training programme are also offered as Apprenticeship schemes, so you can further your training.

And for persons who cannot attend full-time programmes, the Evening programme is designed with you in mind. Take our course in Tiling & Decorative Furnishings and use your new skills to complete a project at home like tiling a room; or earn some additional money by tiling for others!

 I’ve completed my programme. What now?

If you have completed a Skills Training course, you know the practical and theoretical basics about your chosen field. You also know something about starting your own business, and you have probably completed a job attachment at a local company. At this point, you have several options:

  • You may go directly into a job and gain more experience there.
  • You may choose to further your studies in this field.
  • You may choose to complete another Skills Training programme in a related field to increase your chances at attracting employment as a multi-skilled prospect.

If you choose to further your studies, you may consider completing an apprenticeship with a local company through our Apprenticeship programme. Graduates of our apprenticeship programme usually continue to work with their employer but may also consider full-time or part-time studies at other institutions to enhance their resume.

We have provided links to some of these institutions to help with your choices for further education:

Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic -

Barbados Community College -

University of the West Indies – Cave Hill -

Barbados O’Level Institute 

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