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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

This programme is designed to enable apprentices to acquire the competencies and skills required by a journeyman in the trade of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration. Modules include:

  • Tools and Equipment/Workshop Procedures
  • Basic Electricity
  • Installation of Domestic Air-Conditioning   Systems and Room Air-Conditioners
  • Maintenance of Room Air-Conditioners  
  • Installation of Split Air-Conditioning systems
  • Maintenance of Domestic Air-Conditioning
  • Trouble Shooting for Faults in Domestic Air-Conditioners
  • Refrigeration Piping
  • Load Estimation
  • Design and Layout of Ducts 
  • Controls, Circuits and Instrumentation
  • Installation of Commercial Air-Conditioners
  • Servicing, Repairing and Trouble Shooting Commercial Air-Conditioners
  • Installing Automobile Air Conditioners
  • Servicing and Repair of Automobile Air-Conditioners
  • Refrigerants, Oils and Lubricants
  • Domestic Refrigeration Systems
  • Domestic Electrical Circuits
  • Installation, Trouble Shooting and Maintenance Procedures
  • Components of Commercial Refrigeration Systems
  • Installing and Servicing Commercial Refrigeration Systems